Capralos: “Europe maintains its position at the top of the medal table”

The HOC President Spyros Capralos presided over the meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Olympic Committees which was successfully held in Madrid.

“We have had an excellent and productive meeting here in Madrid. I am very happy with the state of affairs for the EOC following 2023, which has left us in a strong financial position at the start of 2024 and ready to capitalise on the Olympic Games return to Europe. The forthcoming confirmation of our new CEO and the exciting prospect of an excellent bid for the European Games in 2027 add to our optimism and excitement” said President Capralos.

The President of the European Olympic Committees also referred to the Paris Olympic Games: “The Olympic Games return to Europe, and it makes us very happy that Europe maintains its position at the top of the medal table. This is demonstrated in competition after competition, including recently at the Winter Youth Olympic Games in Gangwon and, in Paris, we hope to win more than 40% of the medals. This shows that Europe continues to invest in sport and the medals of each of its great athletes belong to their entire country.”