European Games

Baku 2015

Greece at the 1st European Games “Baku 2015”

At the premiere of the new sports institution of the “old” continent, the 1st European Games 2015, Greece could not be absent.

The Hellenic Olympic Committee honored its traditions with its continuous presence in the sport institutions and sent a team of 137 athletes to Baku, Azerbaijan.

It all started on June 12, 2015, in a way that was strongly Greek.

The director, choreographer and creator of the opening ceremony was Dimitris Papaioannou, the man who had impressed the whole world with his wonderful work at the opening ceremony of the 2004 Athens Olympics.

The program included 20 different sports, 12 of which were also eligible for qualification for the Rio Games.

The Greek team did extremely well and their total haul reached nine medals, divided into one gold, four silver and as many bronze.

Lefteris Petrounias won the only gold medal in the gymnastics rings.

Giorgos Tzanos won silver in karate, Dimitris Dimitriou in swimming, Vlasis Maras in gymnastics, Anna Korakaki – Kostas Malgarinos in shooting and Nikos Iliadis in judo, Elektra Lebl in swimming and both national water polo teams won the bronze.


Minsk 2019

Greece at the 2nd European Games “Minsk 2019”

From June 21 to 30, 2019, the 2nd European Games were held in Minsk, Belarus. The Greek delegation consisted of 65 people, 38 male and 27 female athletes, while the head of the mission was the member of the Plenary Assembly of the HOC, Xenia Argitaki. The table tennis champion Panagiotis Gionis was the flag bearer.

Greece won nine medals. Christos Volikakis won two gold medals in cycling, in scratch and in the points race, and Anna Korakaki in shooting, with the 25-metre pistol. Korakaki also won silver in the 10-metre air pistol, as did Savvas Karakizidis in sambo. Giorgos Azoidis in judo, Elena Chatziliadou in karate, Kostas Douvalidis in 110-metre hurdles and Raphaela Spanoudaki in 100-metre race climbed to the third step of the podium.