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This web site (“Site”) located at www.hoc.gr is the property of the Hellenic Olympic Committee (HΟC), with registered office in Halandri, at 52, Vikela Ave. The terms and conditions of use described herebelow are set forth so that HOC may provide visitors with information regarding its task and mission, the Olympic Games, the Olympic delegations and the Paralympic teams and the various sectors of its activity.

Please read carefully the following Terms of Use.


Using this Site requires the unconditional acceptance of the following terms of use that apply to the entire content, pages, graphics, images, photographs and files contained on the Site. Consequently, the visitor/user of the pages of this Site must read carefully these terms before visiting or using the HOC pages. If you do not agree, then you should stop visiting the Site pages and stop using their contents.

HOC adopts every necessary measure so that the information and the entire content of the Site are governed by the utmost accuracy, clarity, completeness and correctness in general. The Site is used on “as is” basis without any possibility for the visitor or user to modify or otherwise interfere with its contents. However, our Site and its administrators, as well as any other agent or person entitled by them, bear no responsibility, including negligence, for any damage eventually caused to the visitor or user by or on the occasion of using the Site. Especially, HOC does not bear any responsibility for any technical problems that may occur to the users while attempting to access the Site and during such access having to do with the operability or compatibility of their infrastructure with the Site. In general, HOC is not liable to the visitors or users for any kind of damage (direct or indirect, actual or consequential) that the visitor or user may suffer because of the use or failure to use the Site, which is used on his/her own initiative and in full knowledge of the terms hereunder. HOC is not liable to the visitors or users for the nature and the extent of the personal data collected and kept by the social network platforms on which HOC has accounts, as a term of use or as a result of their use. The visitor or user visits such sites on his/her own responsibility. The Site is likely to contain references or links through hyperlinks to other Websites, however does not bear the slightest responsibility for their content and for any rights that may eventually be harmed by such contents.


Every visitor or user must comply with the Greek and European legislation in force, as well as with the ratified International Agreements that have been transposed in and are an integral part of the Greek law, and undertakes to use the Site in accordance with the Law and these terms of use, having taken view of and unconditionally accepting the information stated therein. Every visitor or user must refrain from any illegal conduct or abusive action while visiting the Site or using the services provided by the Site. The user is liable for any damage caused at the expense of the Site having reference to the misuse or abuse of the Site and/or the information provided through the Site. Every visitor or user must make a fair, lawful and appropriate use of the Site, and merely indicatively shall refrain from any action or omission that is likely to: harm an underage, transmit or gain access to content that may: infringe any third party rights (f.i. intellectual and industrial property rights), offend the personality of any third party (f.i. defamatory, racist), be contrary to the law and the moral consideration and honest practices, molest in any way the privacy and the individual and social rights of any third party, mislead anyone as to the origin of the content of this Site, damage in any way the reputation of the HOC or third parties, endanger the network’s security, prevent any visitor from having access to this Site or to any service hosted by the HOC network, or bypass the authentication checks, install and forward in any way any kind of unsolicited or unauthorized advertisement or non-requested computer messages (spam), pyramid systems and any other kind of undesired content forwarding, as well as to install and forward advertisements without HOC’s written consent, install, forward and/or dispose of content infected by software viruses or any other computer code, file or program engineered to interfere, destroy or restrict the functionality of any software or telecommunications equipment or prevent other visitors from using this Site, contain false statement as to the user’s person or imitation of any person (natural person or entity).   3.4. Every visitor or user must abide by the Rules of Conduct for communication on the Internet (NETIQUETTE), contributing as far as possible to a much smoother and more efficient interaction between the users of our Site and between users and administrators of the Site. 


The entire content of the Site, including indicatively but not limited to texts, names, tradenames, logos, graphics, images, photographs, audio and video files and generally audiovisual materials and any type of files, is the property of HOC and is governed by Law 2121/1993, as each time in force, and by the other provisions on intellectual property provided for in the National, European and International Law, excluding third parties’ right that are explicitly recognized. The Site contents are offered to the visitor or user for personal use and are subject to changes without prior notice in the sole judgment of HOC. It is explicitly prohibited, without prior written consent of HOC, or in any other way or means, in whole, in part or in brief, to reproduce, republish, copy, store, sell, transmit, distribute, post, execute, download, translate, modify any part of the Site’s Content. 4.4. By way of exception, it is allowed to individually copy, print or store any of the above items for personal use by the visitor or user, on the condition, on one hand, that the source and the notes on copyright, intellectual and other proprietary rights shall be clearly mentioned and on the other hand that such items shall not be used for any commercial or other purpose. The visitor or user acknowledges that everything contained in the Site is a registered trademark or intellectual property of the owner or third parties (that have granted license) and consequently the unauthorized use in any of the above mentioned ways may lead to a penalty or fine being imposed or to the indemnification of the owner or owners. For any question or concern regarding the reproduction right of any portion of the content on this Site, as also for requests for authorized content reproduction, the visitor or user may apply in writing to the email address «info@hoc.gr».


The protection of the visitor’s or user’s personal data is governed by the Privacy Policy, the Cookies Policy, these Terms of Use, the General Data Protection Regulation (UE) 2016/679, Act no. 4624/2019 and in general by the current National and European regulatory framework on personal protection. Every visitor or user may browse our Site without providing any personal data. However, during visiting the website it is likely that certain data providing information about the way and time of visit (f.i. date of visit) and not about the identity/identification of the visitor or user may be collected. Such data are stored with the aim to improve the experience of browsing the Site. By way of exception, it is mandatory for the visitor or user to provide personal information to the HOC if he/she wishes to register on the website or send a message to “info@hoc.gr”, which is erased after the expiry in any way whatsoever of the transaction. The visitor or user acknowledges and declares his/her explicit consent to the collection, storage and processing of personal data that he/she discloses upon visiting or using the Site. HOC guarantees that all information registered on the Site is kept solely and exclusively for purposes regarding transactions with the user, communication and improvement of the services provided by our Site and it is not allowed to be used by any third party nor provided to any third party (except to the extent provided by the Law and exclusively to the competent authorities). Any personal data eventually stated in the Site’s communication form are kept exclusively for the purpose of improving the services provided by our Site and answering the referred questions and may not be used by any third party ((except to the extent provided by the Law and exclusively to the competent authorities). In any case, HOC employees who have access to the personal data provided by the visitor or use are specifically designated for that purpose and the access to such personal data by unauthorized staff is prohibited. HOC collects and keeps the personal data visitors or users of this Site having put in place all necessary security measures and providing at the same time the highest possible level of confidentiality as regards personal data voluntarily disclosed by the visitors or users of our Site. The visitor or user of the Site reserves at any time the right to information, the right to object or the right to erasure of his/her data, and all other rights recognized by the legislation on personal data protection as currently in force (GDPR).


All information related to personal data and transactions is safe and confidential. The security of the website is obtained through encryption provided by protocols such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for the protection of personal data (such as name, surname, address) during data transfer on the Internet. This is identifiable by the lock displayed by the browser in case of a SSL connection. Personal data are kept either in electronic format or in physical file with documents containing personal data where needed, taking all necessary protection measures. Minors under the age of 16 are not allowed to make their Personal Data known through Internet. In this case processing is lawful except to the extend such consent is provided or approved by the person entrusted with the parental responsibility of the minor.


The Site may provide links to other Websites. Such references are only provided as a convenience to our visitors/users and for the purpose of supplying additional useful information, while their use is not mandatory for the user or visitor. HOC is not responsible for and does in no case endorse the contents, personal data protection policy, correctness, legality, completeness, update and accuracy of the information contained on such Sites, nor the servers through which the Site and other websites are made available to users.


These Terms of Use and any eventual amendment hereto are governed by the European Law and the Greek Law, as well as by the international agreements transposed therein, and also by the other international provisions. Any dispute eventually arising from or in connection with this agreement shall be resolved by the Athens’s Courts of Law which shall have exclusive jurisdiction. Should any of the aforesaid provisions be declared null or voidable, this does not in any case affect the validity of the other provisions which shall remain in full force at all events. No amendment to the terms of the present agreement may be considered valid if not in writing and if not integrated herein. The Cookies Policy and the Privacy Policy annexed to this Website are considered an integral part of this agreement and are absolutely binding on the visitor or user of the Website. ΗOC reserves all legal rights and legitimate interests that may be harmed with regard to the present, the terms and conditions of visit and use, as well as to the copyright and intellectual property rights.