The Flame of Peace has been lit for the Summer European Youth Olympic Festival Maribor 2023

The Summer European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) Maribor 2023 Flame of Peace was lit yesterday at the Ara Pacis altar in Rome.

European Olympic Committees (EOC) President Spyros Capralos presented President of the Slovenian Olympic Committee Franjo Bobinac and Mayor of the Municipality of Maribor Aleksander Saša Arsenovič with the EOC Olive Tree and the Flame of Peace, which signify the peaceful competition that will take place in July.

With almost 50 days to go until the Opening Ceremony on 23 July, Slovenia’s former Ski Cross World Champion Filip Flisar kept the Flame at the end of a memorable ceremony.

As he looked ahead to the EYOF, President Capralos thanked the Organising Committee and the Slovenian officials for their preparation and for ensuring that Europe’s best young athletes are able to compete in a top level international multi-sport event.

He said: “Slovenia will become one of five countries to have hosted both a winter and summer EYOF and I must thank the Slovenian Olympic Committee, the local authorities in Maribor and the Slovenian government for their invaluable support.

“Your dedication to Maribor 2023 will see young athletes fulfil their dreams, make lifelong memories and, most importantly, grow as people thanks to their experiences.

“That is the aim of these events. As well as competing, the young people who participate have the chance to learn about the Olympic values and different cultures. And just as they did in Italy in January, our European Young Olympic Ambassadors will play an important role in making this happen in Maribor.”