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Η Ιαπωνία γιορτάζει με εκδηλώσεις σε ολόκληρο τον κόσμο την επέτειο των 50 χρόνων από τη διεξαγωγή των Ολυμπιακών Αγώνων το 1964 στο Τόκιο....

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The Hellenic Olympic Committee is continuing its contact with members of the international Olympic and sport family....

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The President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee Spyros Capralos visited Tbilisi for the 25th anniversary since the foundation of the Georgian Olympic Committee that was celebrated with a brilliant ...

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The President of the Hellenic Olympic Academy Isidoros Kouvelos had a meeting with the Undersecretary of Education and Religious Affairs Mr Giorgos Stylios on the subject of the HO...

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The Organising Committee of the first European Games that will be held next summer in Baku, Azerbaijan (June 12-28, 2015) has informed the Hellenic Olympic Committee that the se...

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The successful program “I love Sport – Kids' Athletics” implemented by the Hellenic Olympic Committee in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the ...

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A cooperation agreement was signed between the Hellenic Olympic Committee and the Olympic Committee of Georgia in Tbilisi,Georgia by the HOC President Spyros Capralos and the President of the Olympic ...

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Η διαδικασία διαπίστευσης των Ελληνικών ΜΜΕ στους Ολυμπιακούς Αγώνες του Ρίο έχει ξεκινήσει....

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Η Ελληνική Ολυμπιακή Επιτροπή έλαβε χθες ομόφωνα στη συνεδρίαση της Ολομέλειάς της, την απόφαση να προσφέρει τη στήριξή της στην ελληνική ομοσπονδία ράγκμπι - νέο Ολυμπιακό άθλημα - και ταυτόχρονα ...

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Photos from the celebration of the 10 years, from Athens Olympic ...

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 Μessage by the President of the International Olympic Committee,Mr. Thomas Bach for the 19 years from "Athens ...

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The memories of the Olympic Games were revived in a celebration for the 10 years since the end of the 2004 Olympics, organized by the Hellenic Olympic Committee in cooperation ...

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Baku 2015 European Games announced today that Dimitris Papaioannou has been appointed as the Artistic Director of the Opening Ceremony and US production company, FiveCurrents, has been contracted to...

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The first meeting of the Hellenic Olympic Committee with the sports federations for the 1st European Games “Baku 2015" was held at the headquarters of the Hellenic Olympic Committee.  ...

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President's welcome message



Τhe speech of Mr Spyros Capralos in the celebration for the 10 years since the  2004 Olympics.

Dear friends

We are here today, employees and volunteers of “Athens 2004” having worked back then for the organization of the Olympic Games and those who worked in the public sector for the same goal. We are gathered here for the 10 years anniversary of the “Athens 2004” Olympic Games. Greece made a great achievement. All of us, all of you, almost all Greeks with passion, enthusiasm and the feeling of togetherness, showed outstanding skill that helped to carry out an extremely difficult and sophisticated project for such a small country. And all that in times when few in the whole world believed that our country could make it.

Yet, small Greece not only did make it, but also made those who predicted a failure, apologize in the end and admit that Greece organized “Dream Games” as the IOC President of that time Dr Jacques Rogge said. Dream Games!

Tonight is a night of true joy and emotion. Ten years after, we are together again with our valuable colleagues, all those who contributed to the “building” of the “Athens 2004” Olympic Games. 

Olympic and Paralympic Champions are here with us. Those who honored us and always honor us wearing the colors of our country in the Olympic Games, filling us with pride with their success.

We also have here our volunteers, those who gave their hearts and souls for the success of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and showed everyone the greatness of the Greek heart.

Today, at the Olympic Village, along with the residents of this symbolic for the Games place, with the warm hospitality of the Mayor of Acharnais, we celebrate an anniversary that honors, above all, the qualities and virtues of the Greek people that made our country shine.

I am sure that you too, like me feel very sad, on one hand for seeing photographs of abandoned sports venues, and on the other hand listening to malicious and bitter comments, that the Games are to blame for all the problems of our country.

Those comments multiplied on the occasion of the 10 year anniversary, attempting to tarnish the anniversary and discredit this great national effort.

The truth is that many used and still use the Olympic Games as a pretext to cover their own responsibilities or inadequacy. And they forget  that for 17 days Athens was the center of their world and that for the first time the whole world was commenting Greece in such a positive way.

Noone can steal from us our beautiful moments experienced in 2004 and for this we will always honor those who made great, strenuous efforts and finally realized this achievement. The Hellenic Olympic Committee, in a symbolic move, undertook the maintenance of the Olympic Champions’ monument in the Olympic Village. This monument, standing in front of you, was covered with smudges and paints a few days ago."





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