Olympic Day 2023 celebration in Kastellorizo island

Under the auspices of the Hellenic Olympic Committee and the Hellenic Olympic Academy and co-organised by the Municipality of Megisti – Kastellorizo, the 2nd Rock Solid trail running event is taking place as part of the sports activities to celebrate the Olympic Day 2023 on June 23, 24 and 25 in Kastellorizo.

Seven greek Olympic medalists and top athletes will travel to the island to share with children and adults experiences of competitions that have become life lessons, to give children the opportunity to know the Olympic values ​​and to discover new sports such as sailing, water polo, athletics, weightlifting, tennis, etc. throughout the three days of sports.

The athletes are:

Viktor Mitru | Silver medal weightlifting – Sydney 2000

Giorgos Tzelilis | 4th place weightlifting – Atlanta 1996

Nikos Skiathitis | Bronze medal rowing – Athens 2004

Giannis Tsillis | 4th place rowing – London 2012

Aggelos Lemanis | World champion sailing in 2006

Anna Charalampidou | Water polo champion

Denise Panagopoulou | Tennis champion

At the most south-eastern edge of Greece, amateur and professional athletes and runners of all levels will have the opportunity to run in a landscape of unique beauty and geographical importance and enjoy the important landmarks of the island.

On the first day of the event, June 24th, the Kastellorizo ​​21K race takes place for the first time. The race starts from the picturesque port of Kastellorizo, with its impressive painted mansions and passes through the mountainous mass of the island, the Mounda region, following a network of natural paths as well as paved roads. The unique view of the island of Ro emerges, climbing the path to Paleokastro and completing the first 5 km of the route. The race continues through the rocky path to the church of Saint Yiannis and climbs the mountain by the famous “400 steps”. On top of the rock, the route passes by the monastery of Saint George of the Mountain, an area surrounded by huge natural slabs. It continues through the eerie rocky plateau past ancient winepresses and cisterns, Mycenaean tombs, cyclopean walls, old stone farmhouses, and abandoned Italian and British camps. The last kilometers of the route cross the island at the roots of the red rock overlooking the “cord” of the port.

Because of the celebration of the Olympic Day 2023 in Kastellorizo ​​and the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris, the Olympic Flame will travel to Kastellorizo in early 2024, ​​with the first Torchbearer being the first winner of the Kastellorizo ​​21K race.

The second day of the event, June 25, is the Kastellorizo ​​10K race for well-trained runners. A route of exceptional beauty, through lush vegetation, leads to the northern part of the island. Then the route reaches up to 400 steps, following the route of 5 km.

At the same time, on Saturday June 24, the Kastellorizaki 1.3K race, a 1.3 km route, aimed at all children, and the Kastellorizo ​​5K race are organized. A route that starts from the port, continues through the cobbled streets of the island, and climbs the mountain by the famous “400 steps”. Descending from the cliff, the last few meters stretch along the quiet bay to Mandraki, the harbor that David Gilmour praised in the song On an Island. Following the perimeter paved path, with the Turkish beaches and the town of Kas stretching in the background, we pass under the rock-carved Lycian Tomb, in the shadow of the dominating medieval castle, and passing in front of the iconic Old Mosque, we reach the point termination at the port.

This sports three-day event in Kastellorizo ​​will be another step forward in the expansion of the promotion of sports to the youth of Greece under the motto Sports unite! Let’s move!

Stay tuned. Participation is free and registration will open in the next few days.