Crown Prince Constantine

Olympic Medals

Gold medal, September 7, 1960, Crown Prince Constantine, Odysseas Eskitzoglou, Giorgos Zaimis, cat. Dragon. Rome 1960

Crown Prince Constantine, Giorgos Zaimis and Odysseas Eskitzoglou had prepared very well during the Olympic year and especially in the last three months before the Games. Their boat was named “Nireus” and was one of the 27 boats that participated in the regatta. The sailing took place in Naples. According to the Greek sailors, the sea area had many similarities with the Gulf of Faliro, which was very helpful. The worst placing of the Greek boat was a 10th place in a race that was eventually disqualified, as required by the regulations. With two races to go, Greece had secured one of the three medals and all efforts were focused on gold. The new tactic of staying close on the heels of the Argentine boat worked and the gold medal went to Greece.

The final ranking:  Greece (Constantinos, Zaimis, Eskitzoglou) 6733 Argentina (Chaves, Caligaris, Del Rio) 5715 Italy (Cosentino, Ciciliano, De Stefano) 5704 Norway (Christensen, Amundsen, Swae) 5403 Canada (McDonald, Waters, Norton) 517 Denmark (Birke, Jergensen, Markussen) 4715 M. Great Britain (Mann, Janson, Hanai) 4604 W. Germany (Ravenborg, Beneke, Rabian) 4329.

They said..

Odysseas Eskitzoglou: “We won a gold medal first of all for Greece and then for ourselves”
Giorgos Zaimis: “Our boat was good and in each race we got better and better. I remember that the conditions were good, they helped us and after a tough competition with Argentina and Italy we achieved a great success”

September 7, 1960