Nikos Andriakopoulos

Olympic Medals

Gold medal, April 10, 1896, Nikos Andriakopoulos, Rope Climbing, Athens 1896.

Five athletes from four countries participated in the rope climbing competition. It was held a total of four times in the history of the Olympic Games, with the addition of the 1906 competition, and was finally abolished after the 1932 Games in Los Angeles. Greece celebrated a great victory, which was decided in the details. According to the rules, the height of the rope was 14 meters, and the athlete who reached the top was declared the winner. In case of a tie, the climbing time decided the victory, with the fastest winning. In case of another tie, the best technique counted. So we had an exciting race with two Greeks fighting for first place. Both Nikos Andriakopoulos and Thomas Xenakis scooped up all 14 meters of the rope, while the rest stayed down.

The winner was the first to climb to the top with the fastest speed, namely in 23 seconds and four tenths. The ranking Andriakopoulos (Greece) Xenakis (Greece) Hoffmann (Germany) Jensen (Denmark) Elliott (UK).