Katerina Didaskalou

She was bon in Athens, in 1962 and showed her aptitude for theater from an early age. She graduated from National’s Theater Drama School and continued her studies in New York. At the mean time she graduated from Athens University Philosophy School. She participated in many TV series, movies and theater plays. She got married and has two daughters. In 1984, she became High Priestess for the Los Angeles Olympic Games. That year there was no ceremony as a sign of protest on behalf of the Greeks regarding the commercialization of the sacred Flame. She was also High Priestess in 1988 for the Seoul Olympics. “I don’t have good memories from my first time as a High Priestess. However my participation was imperative. There was an effort to tarnish our heritage, which is to give to the world this international symbol of peace. In 1988 everything was different. The Lighting Ceremony was a real celebration for us as for the Koreans. I remember that during my presence in Korea for the Games, the people of the country showed me great respect as a High Priestess”.