Museum of the Modern Olympic Games

The Museum of Modern Olympic Games at Olympia was inagruated in 1961 by the philatelist George Papastefanou - Provatakis. It was housed in the old building of the former elementary school in Olympia, which George Papstefanou has bought and with the appropriate arrangements, has transformed in a exhibition place, with his personal collection of souvenirs and memorabilia from modern Olympic Games.

The first visitor passed its gate, on the 3th of September 1961. Since that year 1961 and until 1972 the Museum was called «Athlofiloteliko Olympic Museum». On December 27, 1963, George Papastefanou sent to the Prince of Greece Constantine a letter, which he communicated his desire to donate the museum with all the collections included, to the Hellenic Olympic Committee.

On the 28th of March, 1964, the Museum was donated to the Hellenic Olympic Committee and George Papastefanou has appointed as the director of the Museum.

George Papastefanou who was inspired by the Olympic Spirit, has devoted his life to the development of the Museum and gradually his personal collection was enriched with other items.

The year 1968 began the construction of a new building and on July 27, 1972 inaugurated the new Museum of Modern Olympic Games, with surface of 400 m2. The Museum of Modern Olympic Games includes rare photographs, medals, certificates, stamps and other artifacts of modern Olympic history.