President's welcome message

Greece will once again participate in the "Tokyo 2020" Olympic Games, as it has done uninterruptedly since 1896, with the Greek flag entering the Olympic Stadium first in the Opening Ceremony in the hands of our flagbearers Anna Korakaki and Lefteris Petrounias, reminding the whole world that the gift of the Olympic Games was bestowed to humanity by the Ancient Greeks.

 The Greek team consists of 83 athletes on whom the hopes of our Nation are based for a distinction in this top sporting event. I am sure that the members of the Greek delegation will do their duty again, offering moments of national pride to all Greeks, equally with their efforts, as with their ethos and overall presence in Tokyo.

 They have already achieved the first victory with their participation, fulfilling the biggest dream that every athlete has in his career. This qualifying victory is particularly important as it was achieved in difficult and unprecedented conditions. The coronavirus pandemic also costed a big deal on sports. Both with the postponement of the Olympic Games last summer, as well as with the obstacles placed in the organization of the Games and daily trainings of the athletes.

 Thus, they all deserve warm congratulations for the fact that they managed to secure their participation in the Olympic Games, mobilizing every bit of their strength and subjecting themselves to unprecedented sacrifices. It would be a remiss of me If I didn’t mention the invaluable contribution of the coaches, who in turn gave their own daily fight alongside the athletes.

 During these five years of Olympic preparation, the Hellenic Olympic Committee and I were constantly by the side of the athletes, seeking to help in every way by using all available means. We will be by their side during the Olympic Games, to celebrate their efforts and wish them best of luck in Tokyo.


Spyros Capralos

Hellenic Olympic Committee President, IOC Member